Weapons throwing RPG

Weapons throwing RPG
 Weapons throwing RPG l Version: 1.01 | Size: 26.31MB Developers: yuika project | Language: English 

★Exhilarating battle of Weapons throwing RPG★
Blustery wind, scudding clouds, patch of blue sky.
Epic battles will begin now at the sky island!
◆Simple tap to play RPG!◆
Throwing your weapons and attack the enemy! Defend against the enemy weapons!
Your weapons will be more and more powerful as you use them, and will level up while you are fighting! Leading to secret weapons invocation!
Enjoy your own tactics and best combinations from many kind of items and weapons.
Choose your favorite character from the 6 available heroes and try to master each ability!
◆Fight the monsters with your pet! ◆
Get close to your support pet monster!
When you fight together, your pet will give your some power up!
◆Fight at the Arena!◆
Challenge your strength at the Arena!
Break through and get rare arms and accessories!
This Sky island is called “Youth Darlyl”
Although this island built up peaceful relationships with the neighboring countries, the relations began to deterior.
One day, Feudal lord gathered 6 brave islanders.
There’s something wrong with this sky. I ask you all to cooperate.
You have the ability to throw replication weapons. I hope this power can help you!
Heroes were involved in a fight for the future of this sky.
You like RPG games
You like exciting battles
Or you just want to kill time?
Materials borrowed from the following sites
Usui no kai (http://usui.moo.jp/frame2.html)
R do (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Milano-Cat/3319/)
bakenekokan (http://neko.moo.jp/)
Whitecat (http://whitecafe.sakura.ne.jp)
RTD web site (http://rtdweb.web.fc2.com/)
obane no koya (http://obane.tuzikaze.com/)
M-ART (http://mart.kitunebi.com/)
amacha music (http://amachamusic.chagasi.com/)
Free Sound Effects (http://taira-komori.jpn.org/)
Sound Effect Lab (http://soundeffect-lab.info/)
Weapons throwing RPG
Weapons throwing RPG
Weapons throwing RPG

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