Warbots Online

Warbots Online
 Warbots Online l Version: 0.84b | Size: 12.42MB Developers: Mobidom Games | Language: English 

Warbots Online is a multiplayer strategy about combat robots which conquest hostile planet.
In WarBots Online you will become a captain of colonial fleet and with other players take part in the planetary war with alien race. You will command an army of a warbots — customizable modular robots, which you can design by you own through in-game constructor.
Game features:
Auto-mod: send warbots to the mission and put your device aside. Warbots will complete all tasks on their own!
Short game sessions: no lingering sessions – play whenever you want!
Robots constructor: create your own unique warbots through in-game constructor!
Research tree: five improvement branches available for full developing!
PvP-mod: design your own warbot-gladitor and challenge other players!
Warbots Online
Warbots Online
Warbots Online

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