Traffic Bandits

Traffic Bandits
 Traffic Bandits l Version: 1.4 | Size: 30.68MB Developers: Nar Games | Language: English 

Weave in and out of traffic with your customizable cars in this 3D street racing game!
Show how skillful driver you are by controlling your car along a 3D city street filled with cops, crazy car drivers, heavy truck racers and road bandits smashing every car close to them. Use your driving skills to draw away your rivals.
There is one car you can drive at the beginning but by collecting cash you can unlock other stunning cars; buy new upgrades; increase the speed, handling and brake bars of your car. There are control options: Tap the right and left arrows on phone screen or tilt your phone to operate the running direction. Collect the cash on the highway and avoid crash other cars, cops running in your direction or oncoming.
If you smash any vehicle, the game restarts. Control the Revive bar on screen. If it is full, you can use it to continue this endless traffic gameplay even after smashing cars. Moreover, you see Nitro button to accelerate and Nuke button to shoot bandits on screen. You can use them after getting enough cash.
Thanks to in-app purchase, buy new cars and power-ups, modify your car, increase speed, handling and brake bars. It is battle racing game where you can also buy guns and missiles to shoot the bandits. As you drive in this endless street, the speed of the gameplay increases. For now, there is just one asphalt track in Traffic Bandits, but we add new tracks and features for more enjoy and thrill.
– 4 incredible cars
– Car modification
– Increasable speed, handling, and brake
– Revive button enables you to continue the race after crashing
– Nitro boost to speed up
– Nuke button to shoot other vehicles
– In-app purchase
– Addictive gameplay
– 3D city street
– Control by tilt the phone or by tap on screen
– Remove adds option
Traffic Bandits
Traffic Bandits
Traffic Bandits

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