SARAM 3D Part One

SARAM 3D Part One
 SARAM 3D Part One l Version: 1.0 | Size: 45.99MB Developers: Game Now Studio | Language: English 

Saram 3D Part one
★3D Sword Character
★Smooth Action
★Great Environments
★Enemies Attacks
★Purchased Gillzo
★Sword Saram 3D
Find your best configuration and beat the record!
There are 2 modes to play the game:
★ Find Key and Open the Door and More appears the enemies Killing targeting
Reached the enemies Boss and Fights to kill
Release the Princes prisoners
**** Features ****
Saram 3D Part one
Mission Sword is an action adventure games that will entertain players with fun and excitement. With the high definition vision and thrilling backing tracks, it has made Mission sword a game that everyone shouldn’t miss.
“My ultimate quest of this journey is to get rid of the evil JO Feuame forever”
The brave sword warrior has to take on a journey to kingdom JO Feuame of death in order to get rid of the evil JO Feuame with his powerful magical sword. Therefore, the knight needs to have a thorough self-training. As the path to the kingdom of death will inevitably leads to the battle with JO Feuame. Those folks are willing to use any mean to obstruct this quest. Plus, there are tons more of obstacles lining ahead.
Learn wondrous magic to utilise spells and potions
Enchant weapons and Sword to grow in power
Four shops to buy items to strengthen your Saram
Powerful attacks including ‘Battle Rage’ and ‘Psyche Up’.
Try to grab your device and swing it like a Saram sword! Whether you decide to challenge your friend to a duel or practice independently, Saram Sword will bring endless fun and sweat!
Start playing the fun fight right now, and challenge yourself to get three stars on all levels!
Enjoy the Environments with this amazing game!
Play the all Friend and share the post Different forums
Download it for free!
SARAM 3D Part One
SARAM 3D Part One
SARAM 3D Part One

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