On The Hero

On The Hero
 On The Hero l Version: 1.11 | Size: 12.60MB Developers: Buffstudio | Language:English 

This game is a simple retro sidescroll action RPG.
You can see ending if you have a proper effort and a little persistence.
Then let’s see story.
“A long time a go in a kingdom far, far away….
Red dragon attacked the kingdom for treasures. He stole ten artifacts.
Monsters appeared in the confusion the occasion.
The big problem is that princess got lost.
Journey to the kingdom of monsters. Find treasures and princess.”
◈ Cool 8bit retro sound and pixel graphic~!! It is an opportunity not to be lost if you are dot mania.
◈ Simple and easy control~! Men and women of all ages can play it.
◈ Sidescroll action RPG of living feeling of hit. Don’t be ignore because it’s simple.
◈ Death makes you stronger! There is the play that is reminiscent of the movie ‘Edge of Tomorrow’!
◈ Various technic for getting high score!! Practice it and take highscore.
◈ Touch a angel then something good happens. Tab tab it~
◈ There is weather effect but it’s be for nothing in game.
◈ It’s difficult to see real ending but challenge it. A real gamer can see real ending~!!
◈ Find hidden treasures those are ten artifact. Let’s collect it~!
On The Hero
On The Hero
On The Hero

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