Rhythm – Colors in Motion

Rhythm - Colors in Motion
 Rhythm - Colors in Motion l Version: 1.0 | Size: 12.45MB Developers: AllinaDaysPlay | Language:English 

Beautiful, Elegant and Simple. Perfect words to describe this game!
Beauty of ‘Rhythm’ is that any one can pick it up and play. Its extremely casual and perfect if you want to experience a short but sweet gameplay session between work or other activities. It is a twitch game with a relaxing soundtrack.
With its easy to pickup mechanics, soothing soundtrack, and fast paced gameplay, we feel that Rhythm provides a unique and engrossing ‘just one more time’ gameplay.
In Rhythm, balls of various colors will fall from the top and you have to catch it with the rectangle of respective color. You can swipe to move the rectangles. The game comprises of minimal and beautiful art along with simple gameplay.
The apparent discrepancy between fast twitch based gameplay and relaxing music is something that makes Rhythm extremely unique. This game shows that a session of fast twitch based game can be as relaxing as meditation. You will only be making colorful choices throughout this game.
This game is easy on the eye and not like a minimal maze of some sort. It comprises of various colors that are loved by one and all. These can be also termed as kiddy colors, since kids would love them.
So come and get involved in the world of colors. You will truly have an artistic experience!
Rhythm - Colors in Motion
Rhythm - Colors in Motion
Rhythm - Colors in Motion

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