Fox Tales: Rocket Run

Fox Tales: Rocket Run
 Fox Tales: Rocket Run l Version: 1.03 | Size: 41.91MB Developers: Won-O-Soft | Language:English 

Ever considered strapping a rocket on your back and seeing how far you can go?
Well that’s a terrible and extremely dangerous idea, so don’t do it.
Unfortunately no one ever told Kizu, our loveable little fox, that rockets aren’t toys. Get ready to strap on that rocket, as Kizu, and break records on an exciting adventure. Prepare to carve your way through deadly spinning saws, dodge birds, and evade the moving, burning saw blades that have littered Kizu’s forest like death traps.
Learn to control the the rocket pack in this fast paced, action packed game. It’ll be easy to learn, but hard to master. Find armour to protect yourself, pick up a coin magnet to attract all those coins floating around, and slow down time with the “Time Slow” power up.
Just hold your finger down on the screen to use the rocket, and boost Kizu up into the sky, and release your finger to stop the rocket and let him fall back to the ground. Play with your friends and see how far they get. Your friend’s best distance will be displayed by a grave stone in the game with their name on it. Touch/visit their grave stones to become temporarily invulnerable.
It’s time to feed that adventurous spirit of yours, and take control of Kizu and his rocket.
– Addictive action gameplay
– Simple one-touch control
– Collectible power-ups
– Upgradable rocket boost and weight system
– Catchy tunes
– Cute cartoony graphics
– See in-game how far your friends get. (Displays the grave stones of up to 3 of your friends in game)
– Online leaderboard and achievements
Developers Note: This game has been tested on a 1st Generation Nexus7 and a Sony Xperia M. I found some strange lag issues on the Xperia M when it had a slow mobile data connection, but in wifi areas or if the phone was on airplane mode the game ran smoothly. This could be do to background tasks that require internet connections, but I will investigate some more. The game runs at a lower frame rate on the 1st Generation Nexus7. Please enjoy the game, and I hope everyone has lots of fun.
Fox Tales: Rocket Run
Fox Tales: Rocket Run
Fox Tales: Rocket Run

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