Turtle Slide Game

Turtle Slide Game
 Turtle Slide Game l Version: 1.2 | Size: 4.87MB Developers: Turtle Shell | Language:English 

Turtle Slide is an exciting and fast-paced platformer game where you must race against the clock to complete levels. Take control of Sheldon the Turtle to defeat enemies, smash blocks and crates and collect stars. Some crates even contain power-ups like a rocket launcher add-on and a jet-pack!
This game is suitable suitable for kids and adults, with challenging levels to overcome.
All controls and gameplay are functional and more levels and worlds will be added over the coming weeks.
On-screen navigation buttons and jump button allow you to navigate the levels.
Tap on Sheldon the turtle to make him go inside his shell, once inside his shell he is protected from most enemies. When inside the shell, tilt your device left or right to slide along the ground. Sliding into blocks and enemies to destroy them.
• Fun Cartoon Graphics
• On-screen Controls and Rotation Controls
• Incredibly Fun Physics to make interesting puzzles
• Variety of Enemy Types to Overcome
• Smash Crates and Blocks by Sliding Sheldon the Turtle into them!
• Multiple Worlds with More To Come!
• Ad-Supported for Free Version
• Android 2.2 and above
• Rotation Enabled Device
• More Levels & Worlds
• More Enemies and Power-Ups
• Boss Levels
This game is a demo, the full game is still in development and is scheduled for release in a few weeks. Please rate 5 stars if you like it, it encourages us to make more levels and content 🙂
If you have any issues please contact us by email and we’ll do everything we can to help you!
Inspired by classic console games like Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog.
Turtle Slide Game
Turtle Slide Game
Turtle Slide Game

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