Don’t Die!

Don't Die!
 Don't Die! l Version: 1 | Size: 4.68MB Developers: Deadly Serious Media | Language:English 

Okay it’s pretty simple. Don’t Die! Just hold down your finger to move the red dot from side to side without hitting anything or you die. If you die, it’s back to the beginning with you.
It may not seem like a challenge but smart money says you can’t beat it. So put on your big boy pants and prepare yourself for the next, most impossiblest, of games!
-Mind melting retina graphics!
-Maddening silence!
-Rage inducing gameplay!
Oh, also, this game has been thoroughly tested to ensure that each level is beatable. So don’t go around calling us cheats or nothing!
Don't Die!
Don't Die!
Don't Die!

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