Jungled Up!

Jungled Up!
 Jungled Up l Version: 1.5 | Size: 32.01MB Developers: Invisible Owl | Language:English 

Let yourself get jungled up in one marvelous adventure game, but don’t get tangled up as you strive to reach the finish line. Bobee, the perspicacious monkey, is set to survive deep in the jungle’s heart, and you are here to help!
Race, jump, tumble and ditch obstacles as you collect bananas and achieve your final goals. In the jungle, on the beach or deep in the cave, you’d better stay focused, since the jungle is a dangerous place and these platformer games will try to get the best out of you.
Start your adventure deep in the jungle and make sure to stay alive as the dynamic scenario keeps changing. Rush in action games and get as many bananas as possible on your way out of he jungle. Bobee might be a clever little monkey, but he still needs you help along the way. Prove your action games skills as you embark on this super fun jungle spree, leaving the leafy background behind.
Once you’re out of the jungle, make sure you get Bobee to safety, even though you have to make a run for it on the beach. Jungle’s shores are often risky, not to mention out in the open, but you have thirty levels to practice your action games skills, proving free platformer games are indeed you specialty. You need 90 diamond to unlock the beach region of the rushing fun, so make sure you collect enough of them during the jungled up first thirty levels, deep in the woods.
The addictive factor of the Jungled up game will engage you, making you want to help Bobee get tot he finish line intact and if possible, in record time. The funky monkey might have a home deep in the heart of the jungle, but once you’re out in the open, the beach can pose a threat to the cute characater, so he will need you help that much more. In thirty levels on the shores, you bet that all the adrenaline in action games will be concentrated on your saving tactics and rushing manuvers that will get Bobee safe at the end of the line.
From the beach, seek the secluded cave, where Bobee can finally find a safe spot. Again, you have thirty levels to prove your action games . Careful as the the nearby volcano’s lava might be dangerous is in your way, and use every skill you’ve got to get Bobee safe on the other side. Take care of the monkey business Bobee has in store for you and guide him through the darkness of the cave’s remote places.
So are you ready for a fun filled platformer games experience? Sharpen up your skills as the jungle gets tougher and harder to cross and stay focused on getting out on the other side, all in one piece. Download now the Jungled up game experience and enjoy it with your friends or by yourself, going from one level to another in an adrenaline filled game. With ninety complete levels to enjoy at your display, fulfill the quests required and deliver Bobee safe to the finish line. The jungle, the beach or even a dark cave can’t slow you down, right? Prove your skills in all unique circumstances and have fun while platformer games like this Jungled Up free game will show you how.
Jungled Up!
Jungled Up!
Jungled Up!

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