Critter Cross

Critter Cross
 Critter Cross l Version: 1.0.22 | Size: 12.78MB Developers: MannagraphiX Studios | Language:English 

Tired of flapping birds? Sick of sewer pipes? Looking for something fresh that still has that addictive kick? Are you annoyed at the never ending list of Flappy Bird clones? If so, Critter Cross is for you! However you have been warned, this game is addictive!
Critter Cross is a new, original, and exciting jumping game that is simple yet so hard at the same time! How well is your hand and eye coordination? Can you time your jump just right to leap your way through narrow crevices of falling stones? Maybe the real question is how many times can you do it without cracking your skull?
In Critter Cross you will unlock Critters, each having a unique jumping style and special abilities that give you a little more” Oomph!” in your jump! Some fast some slow, some high some low. How well you do will depend on which jump style fits your timing ability best!
• 4 unique Critters to choose from
• Unlocked Critters carry special abilities
• Each Critter leaps differently
• Fast, addictive, and fun gameplay
• Great graphics and music
• Local game stats
• 10 Challenging achievements to attain
• 3 Leader boards to compete with friends and foes
Take the Flappy, Floppy, Happy, Hoppy, Birds, Frogs, Fish, Dogs, Justin Bieber flying heads, neon fuzzy things, and anything….yes ANYTHING that flies through sewer pipes and slap them on the back-burner. Play Critter Cross and see if you have what it takes to be an “Epic Saucy Jump Ninja”!
Critter Cross
Critter Cross
Critter Cross

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