Mine Rampage Gold

Mine Rampage Gold
 Mine Rampage Gold l Version: 1.0.2 | Size: 42.03MB Developers: Moon Rise Studios | Language:English 

Mine Rampage is a fun and interactive game, different from others of the genre!
A mine crawling with precious gems and cristals awaits to be explored. But be aware, along with the gems there are also stones that may break your tools! Be clever and react fast enough to reach the highest scores among the players!
• Classic Mode
In this game mode, the player has no time-limit and must reach higher scores through collecting gems and avoiding stones, unloading them inside the minecart so they can be taken outside the mine. The player has 3 lives that recover when certain thresholds are reached, but be careful, losing all three lives means losing the game.
• Rampage Mode
This is the game for the mighty. Here you got yourself into a landslide. Be quick, avoid the falling rocks and survive the longer you can, collecting powerups to add remaining time and point multiplier.
• Gold Rush Mode
In this game mode, you can play without worries, the stones don’t break your bucket. But be aware, this still isn’t a walk in the park. Gems and stones fall fast and in large amount! Select gems of higher value to reach the highscores. Be on lookout for gold nuggets and diamonds, as they may be of great help. Time has a limit here, so rush!
Mine Rampage Gold Version has no advertising.
To contact us with any questions, suggestions or bugs, send us an email at studiosmoonrise@gmail.com.
Mine Rampage Gold
Mine Rampage Gold
Mine Rampage Gold

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