Move it! v1.813

Move it! v1.813
Requirements: Android 1.5+
Overview: Move It! is an increasingly challenging and engrossing sliding block game. The goal is simple: Move the bright red square to a matching square on the game board by moving the colored columns and blocks out of its way. It sounds easy, and for the first few levels it is. But as you progress through successive levels the challenge increases dramatically.

Clear the way

Move It! provides a different spin on block puzzle games. Colored columns and blocks of different lengths and sizes may be moved either vertically or horizontally. The goal is to clear the way for the red square to be moved to the target square. While some puzzles are easy, others require more than 100 moves to solve, creating a rewarding game experience.

With six levels of difficulty from Novice to Expert and 112 puzzles in each level, Move It! has the depth necessary to keep you involved for hours, if not days and weeks.

Move It! provides a goal of the minimum number of moves needed for each level. The game also lets you undo as many moves as you like if you’re at a dead end and want to take a different approach. Menu options include selecting background colors, a toggle switch for sound and animated screen transitions, as well as a tutorial mode. With a pleasing interface and well-executed game play, Move It! will appeal to casual gamers and puzzle fans alike.

Product Features
– Engaging sliding block puzzle game
– Comes with 672 puzzles
– Includes six levels of difficulty
– Provides hints and solutions
– Generates sounds and music

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Download Instructions: thanks to sunnysideup for retail…3.b.28.crk.apk


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