Fatty The Shark

Fatty The Shark
 Fatty The Shark l Version: 1.0.20 | Size: 13.74MB Developers: Compota Studios LLC | Language: English 

Fatty The Shark is a highly entertaining game that tests your skills in maneuvering through the depths of the ocean. As you help Fatty The Shark enjoy a buffet of fish, beware of the rocky sea caves! If Fatty hits one of the rocks it’s game over!
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Eat fish to increase your score, but avoid hitting the rocks. The more fish you eat the harder it gets because Fatty gets fatter.
Eating a seahorse will speed boost you for a few seconds so be careful.
Eating a squid will cause ink to splatter and block your sight.
Try to eat fish but focus on not hitting rocks. Staying around the middle as much as possible will help you react fast enough to dodge the cave rocks.
Fatty The Shark
Fatty The Shark
Fatty The Shark

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