Don’t step on the white poop

Don’t Step on the White Poop New and Free Time killer of 2014. A replica of original Japanese game with over 500,000 downloads. But to be honest it had such confusing English instructions. But “Don’t Step on the White Poop” comes with user friendly instructions and a more colorful gameplay unlike the monotonous black and white tiles. What would be more compelling than avoid stepping on a gross pile of poop? The name itself practically tells the user what the game is about, the simplicity of it and the lack of skill needed to play it makes it one of the most addicting apps out there. With three different categories to play including time attack, endurance mode, guess time the game never really gets old.

An addicting game that tests your reflexes against time and movement. Test your speed and accuracy with this simple and fun game. It is an inquisitive beast, a puzzle game that requires you to make as many quick steps as you can across three different modes. However, there’s a catch. Try not to step on the Poop in your way otherwise your turn will. You receive a series of tiles – with a pile of poop randomly scattered and you need to step on the tiles avoiding the poops in the quickest time possible. It’s a little difficult at first, but you’ll soon get the hang of how the game works and try to speed up your runs. Just don’t step on the poop. Because you know that what if you step on poop in real life.
The game has following modes.

Time Attack Mode

Test your speed to see how fast can you complete the steps to the goal?

Endurance Mode
At the start of this mode you have the option to display how many steps you’ve taken and if you want a countdown.

Guess Time
Get as far as you can but be aware of the time.

It’s a great fun game to play in company of your friends, family. As every time there is a wrong step you will put your leg on sticky poop and a great roar will erupt in the group. But it is rather gross and annoying for the person who stepped on hot, disgusting poop. DON’T STEP ON THE WHITE POOP will shortly put itself between Smash Hit and Flappy Bird is very simple but it is also very addictive and time consuming as well. Make time pass easily playing this new, original and addictive Android game that takes reflex testing to a whole new level. Don’t step the white poop is a twitch-based arcade game that is maddeningly addictive. The general jest of the game is that you must tap the grey tiles as fast you can while avoid stepping on poop laying around the tiles.

Link to Google Play Store:…z.avoidthepoop

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up.
Available for Android.
I recommend you to download this free and awesome game.

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