Outfield King!

Outfield King!
 Outfield King! l Version: | Size: 10.17MB Developers: COLOPL, Inc. | Language: English 

This is the new game in the “Kuma the Bear” series! A fun and easy-to-play game for everyone!
You’ll get hooked on this fun game that can be easily played with just one finger! Try our awesome outfield catching game, “Outfield King!”
No matter how hard they hit the ball, you’ve gonna get it!
You need to catch as many as you can without missing any: Catch! Catch! Caaatch!
How many fly balls will you be able to catch within the time limit?!
The second title in the “Bottom of the 9th inning, 2 Outs, Bases Loaded” series!
It’s super easy to play!
Move the outfielder to where the batted fly balls are falling! You just have to swipe your finger!
That’s all!!
Move your player quickly, and make a nice play!
Golden balls will give you more time, and red balls will paralyze you for a short time!
((Reasons why we recommend Outfield King!))
◆You will get addicted to stringing together combos!
◆The more you play the better you will get! Invite your friends and compete with each other!
◆You can start playing immediately without having to register!
Outfield King!
Outfield King!
Outfield King!

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