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I’m fine. This is football and you have to be balanced when you win and when you lose. The kids have been fantastic, they have had an incredible mentality against a great team last weekend was on vacation and ours played the most that can play on your championship, said the Portuguese after the game in Telemadrid.

If that team with that debt had been allowed to spend 40 kilos in that player is probably the Athletic who has done well would that title. Therefore we are also interested in that, in short, will reward the good things he does and then pay to do bad things.

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And it seems that the recent transfers of Jonathan Bottinelli, Ignacio Piatti, Facundo Roncaglia, Colombian Fabian Vargas and Jonathan Santana Paraguayan citizen, among many other names not yet transcended, are riddled with irregularities, and caused the watchdog to challenge these transfers, block payments between institutions, and insist on the AFA reclaim what already asked years ago: to implement mechanisms to detect serious tax evasion (see sidebar). In addition, the AFIP denounce players for tax evasion, and would have required that Julio Grondona operation while a suspect, those involved do not play. Yesterday, Jonathan Bottinelli and Ignacio Piatti and were disqualified by the Argentine Football Association.

We are in Santa Marta with the expectation to continue leading the way towards the end., We are aware that this is another tournament, also adding that we will face a very tough opponents, so it will be even and complicated pentagonal. Come with 20 boys and the only change is the return of Oscar Padilla, who recovered from injury and will be part of our team, said DT local representative.

The Elite nfl jerseys member of the Santos Laguna of Mexico said he was not surprised by the call (not on the first date was on February 1 victory over Bolivia in La Paz), as expected. If I do not convene in one, I prepare better for the next, said the diminutive Colombian alternating in Mexico as a striker or right winger.

Meanwhile, Messi Disfrut as a dwarf, never better said. He was everywhere and took part in all the goals. In the first with his pass to Keita, the second because he got nervous in the second penalty shot to the left of Abbiati, their safety zone and in the third, Xavi, because Aguard patiently to connect a pass that gave the feeling that spoke to the bal as he slid down the slippery meadow San Siro.

This tournament brings together the best team from each continent to make a drink with high quality players. He started 2000 with Brazil as the host, then there was a blank until 2005, which was the Japan, the host country that would also host the 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2011, so will the 2012. If you win this tournament, you are the best club in the best mundo.Que.

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