CamperlifeApp v2.2

CamperlifeApp v2.2
Requirements: 1.6 and up
Overview: Great news for those who are planning a journey to Italy with their Motorhome.


Great news for those who are planning a journey to Italy with their Motorhome.

Crovatto and Camperlife ( introduce “CamperlifeApp” a new and innovating application which allows the search and localisation of camper rest areas (also called stopovers or camper stop), selected from one of the best and most complete list of motor home rest areas in Italy, WITHOUT using an Internet connection.

The CamperlifeApp was designed in the book form (the so called PORTOLANO), in such an easy way as to provide the user with an easy and quick reference tool, with more functions than the book itself.

The term “Rest areas” (stopovers) comprehend the following structures: rest areas, camper facilities (with water hook-ups and discharge), motorway stop areas and holiday farms with camper area.

CamperlifeApp works mainly without Internet connection, whereas this is only required to update the list of rest areas, for the visualization of rest areas on road map, or to look for a town name in which no rest area is present.

All the abovementioned characteristics make CamperlifeApp affordable – as no Internet connection is required – especially when travelling abroad, or in case of foreigner tourists travelling in Italy – quick and appealing to use.

Moreover it works all about, also in areas which a GPRS signal is not available.

Rest areas for camper vans are the same as listed on Camperlife Website and consist of more than 2500 structures in Italy and more than 3400 in the rest of Europe.
This allows you to organize your travel in the best possible way, and ensure to find a suitable place for your camper with the possibility of water charge and discharge in all Europe.
If you are a Camperlife subscriber, a price convention list is also available on the CamperlifeApp.

CamperlifeApp is available in the following languages: Italian, English, German and French.
Moreover, if you are not Italian, the descriptions of Italian rest areas are also available in English, German, French and Spanish. As they are automatically translated by Google, misunderstanding errors are possible.

The functions activated WITHOUT Internet connection are:
– enquiry of the rest areas list, selected into nations, regions and provinces;
– enquiry in Camperlife price conventions list;
– detection of one’s own position trough GPS;
– detection of the rest areas near to one’s own GPS position, or near to towns where you want to go with indication of their distance as the crow flies;
– telephone call to the selected structure (when a phone contact is available);
– loading of Navigator to address us to the selected rest area;
– Purchasing CamperlifeMaps option, you can visualize on map all rest areas of a region, province, single areas, or as a result of a search;

The functions activated WITH Internet connection are:
– data updating;
– visualisation on road map of all the structures of a region or province: this allows you to have a better vision of the areas location in order to plane your travel;
– visualisation on road map of traffic information and/or satellite images;
– detection of towns where no rest area is present;
– detection of rest areas nearest to your position (through GPS) or to the town you want to reach with indication of real road distance;
– E-mail sending to the selected rest area (if an e-mail address is available);
– visualisation of the website of the selected area (if available);

IMPORTANT: first CamperlifeApp loading must be executed through an Internet connection, so that all data can be loaded (the operation require about one minute, depending on your connection speed).

A User Guide, in Italian language, is available at this link…camperlifeapp/

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– Fixed error which may occur when importing data;
– improved management of the list of rest areas by visualizing the last selected area;
– added MENU button in the title bar;
– Added rest areas search function around a point indicated on the map. Function is available with the CamperlifeMaps payment option.
– Improved quality of maps icons;
– Fixed error in defining the center of the map,

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