Water Your Body v2.607

Water Your Body v2.607
Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher

Do you drink enough water? Do you always forget to drink water regularly? This App reminds you to drink water every day and tracks your water drinking habits.

You only need to enter your current weight and DrinkingWater will help you to determine how many water your body need everyday. When you have finished drinking a cup of water, you will need to add a cup in the app. Your next cup will be remained.*

Benefits of drinking water:*
* You stay in shape, As it’s calorie free*
* You can clear up your skin
* You keep your skin and nails healthy
* Your fitness will increase*

Features include:
Reminders that will remind you the water you need to drink in the rest of the day
Customized cup and Imperial (oz) or Metric (ml) units
Customized starting and ending time to drink water within a day
Graph and logs of date record*
Tips for healthy drinking habit*
Stay healthy and drink enough water!

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