HomeRunTV v1.72

Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: Stream live TV from your HDHomeRun device to your phone or tablet.

Note to Prime device users: The way this app gathers its channels requires the 20120405 firmware or later. If no channels show up please go to your prime device’s webpage and under “Channel lineup” click on “Detect Channels” then try the channel scan again.

Stream live TV from your HDHomeRun device to your phone or tablet. (Unprotected, copy freely channels only)

This application will allow you to stream live TV to your android phone or tablet. It can be streamed to your device in 1 of 2 ways.

1. Directly from the hdhomerun to your device. This requires a strong network connection to your device (wireless N recommended) and a powerful enough device to decode 1080i video.

2. Through the HdhomerunStreamServer. This uses VLC to transcode the video to a lower bandwidth.

This application can also help you diagnose signal issues. You can view the signal strength of any channel and even graph the signal strength over time. Up to two tuners can be graphed at the same time.

Link to HdhomerunStreamServer:

For direct to device streaming you’ll need a video player that can decode MPEG2 on your android device.
Recommended video player:

MX Player users: You must setup MX Player to show the quit button in the menu and use that to leave MX Player otherwise MX Player will hang the next time you view a channel.

For streaming through HdhomerunStreamServer you’ll need a video player that can decode H.264 video. Most devices have one built in but if it doesn’t you can use this one:

Note: This app can only play unprotected, copy freely channels.

To become a beta tester join follow the directions here:

What’s New:
-Fix crash introduced with last release.
-Fix channel scan issue with newer firmware and TC devices
-update to latest libhdhomerun
-Add basic support for transcoding hdhomeruns
-Fix issue with sometimes picking the wrong network interface to stream on
-Fix issue with not being able to restore a backup from a PRIME device
-Add support for new PRIME firmware
-Fix issue with incorrect cablecard setup detection
-Add support for kindle devices
-Bug fixes

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More Info:

Download Instructions:


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