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Best Android Games of the Week: The Room Two, Solar Flux HD, Mig 2D Retro Shooter, 100 Doors 2 and more

Best Android Games of the Week

Any other spherical of significant Android video video games were launched not too long ago and one of the best titles are listed on this publish. In addition to the brand new video games you are going to additionally to find any other titles that have been up to date these prior few weeks for the reason that starting of February.

The video video games aren’t listed in a selected order, as we’ve tried to be as purpose as conceivable and giving our readers the possibility to come to a decision for themselves which recreation to put in on their telephones or pills. Should you assume that you understand different titles that will have to’ve been posted on this article, then that you can all the time tip us in feedback and we can replace the information consequently.

You are going to in finding under titles which might be free, paid or those who characteristic in-app purchases. Come to a decision for your self which video games you want to play via enjoying the free variations first as a substitute of shopping for the PRO variations. Notice that in case a sport is best on hand as a purchase order, then that you could get a full refund in a 15-minute time frame after hitting the purchase button.

Now that you know all of the above you can continue reading the article and checking all the best Android video games recently launched. Note that some games will work only for tablets, so you won’t be able to install them on any Android smartphone.

The Room Two:

The Room Two for Android On Google Play

The second installment in ‘The Room’ Android games is now available for purchase. It is one of the most challenging games that are currently available for Android. It packs a 3D world where you will be taken in order to complete the game.

The Room Two features tons of great puzzles that will keep you glued to your device for hours and, probably the best about it is that even when you’re not near your device you cannot stop thinking about the game and how to solve the puzzle where you might’ve got stuck.

Its most important features are as following: pick-up-and-play gameplay design that allows you to easily learn your way around all game elements without requiring you to watch any type of tutorial, innovative touch controls, real-looking 3D environment, various artifacts that were designed superbly by Fireproof Games, the team behind the game; a great soundtrack will accompany you while you’re trying to solve the puzzles, support for cloud save and multiple languages.

This game will cost you only $ 2.99. Note that in case you buy the game and you don’t like it, then you can get a refund by opening the game’s Google Play web page and asking your money back. Note that the ‘REFUND’ button appears only for 15 minutes since you’ve hit the Buy button the first time, so you should make up your mind quickly in case you want your money back.

Download and Install The Room Two game for Android from Google Play Store -> here.

The Room 2 video game holds a 4.9 rating and it works with all devices running Android 2.3 and later versions.

Solar Flux HD:

Solar Flux HD For Android

Space puzzle, there aren’t too many enthusiasts of this video game genre, but you will find it quite interesting if you’re thinking about installing it. Note that this is a game that works only with tablets.

Solar Flux HD features asteroid fields, supernovas, meteors, black holes and other challenges that will require you to ship your spaceship through the Universe. This games packs more than 80 different levels for you to complete, four completely different galaxies, leaderboards support and more.

If you like space and you wish to explore galaxies, other solar systems, go by black holes and any other type of thing you’ve only seen in Astronomy books, then this game might be what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that you will find several levels that will require extra brain power in order to be completed.

Download and install Solar Flux HD for Android from Google Play Store -> here.

It will cost you $ 1.99. The Google Play Store rating for Solar Flux HD is currently set at 4.3.

This game works with all Android devices running Android 2.3.3 and later.

Mig 2D Retro Shooter:

Mig 2D Retro Shooter

HeroCraft Ltd will make you feel nostalgic with the release of this arcade Mig 2D Retro Shooter video game. Select your own air craft and start and start shooting at every single thing that this game puts in your way. Beat all level bosses and complete the 20 different levels if you wish to complete the game.

Mig 2D Retro Shooter offers you the best way to dispose of enemies and their bases using some of the best weapons ever created by the military. The level bosses are pretty hard to defeat, but you can always choose to use the ‘in-app-purchase’ system for an easier way to complete the guide. Prepare to encounter enemies on ground, air and even sea.

Download and install Mig 2D Retro Shooter for Android from Google Play Store -> here.

This game is free to play. However, just like I said above, Mig 2D Retro Shooter offers in-app purchases for you to use in case you find the game too difficult to complete.

It works with all devices running Android 2.1 or newer versions.

100 Doors 2:

100 Doors 2 Game Free to Google Play Store

100 Doors by MPI Games is back and now it comes with even more challenging levels. The 2nd installment of 100 Doors brings an even more addictive gameplay, tons of new puzzles harder than ever before, better graphics and an easy to use interface.

This game is great as it is great for playing when there is nothing else to do and you’re in for several hours of brain thrusting. Solve all the puzzles and open all doors using any elements you see shown in each level. This game works with all devices running Android 2.1 and later editions.

Download and install 100 Doors 2 puzzle game from Google Play Store -> here.

100 Doors 2 is free to play and it holds a 4.0 Google Play rating from over 25,000 voters worldwide. Make sure to use any method to complete the levels, such as tilting or shaking the phone, pushing, screen tapping, swiping etc. Use any item that you find at each level in order to solve the really challenging levels.

These were all the games that we had for you, now you’re free to start testing all of them and then telling us in comments which one impressed you the most.

If you can think of other great Android games, then you can tell us in comments and we will update the article accordingly.

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