How to get a refund from Google Play

Get a refund on Google Play Store

There are tons of applications listed on the Google Play Store and these can be grouped in three different categories: free, paid and those with in-app purchases.

Numerous users have bought an app from the Play Store and then were looking for a way to get a refund, as the app didn’t quite match their expectations. That is why I’ve decided to create this post, so that users will learn how to successfully refund an application.

The Google Play Store is filled with applications that aren’t that great, but that doesn’t stop developers from asking money in order to install it. Though there are tons of apps worth paying for, there are some other which aren’t always offering what is written in its description and you will then look for a way to get the money you paid back.

Usually with apps and videos games that are free and you don’t like them, then you can easily uninstall it from your phone / tablet without worrying about anything else. When it comes to paying for an app, even if it less than a dollar, and the game or app turns out to be worst than the screenshots made it look, then you will surely want to get it rid of it fast and get your amount of money refunded. There are numerous reasons that you would want to get back the money: the installed app crashes almost instantly after your install it, there are graphical glitches visible, it’s laggy, it doesn’t run as fast as you saw on its Google Play Store web page or you plain and simple don’t like it.

There is a small time window, after you pay for the app that you wish to install, in which you will be able to click a ‘Refund’ button. This period will usually last up to 15 minutes, it should be enough time for you to get an idea whether you want a refund or not.

Here’s how to get a refund for an app that you paid for in Google play Store:

  • When the application is installed successfully you can launch it and then test it for a couple of minutes, but not more than 5-7 minutes.
    – if you instantly decide that the app isn’t worth the amount you paid for it, then you can go to Google Play Store directly.
  • Launch the Google Play Store page of the application.
  • In case the 15 minute window hasn’t expired you should see the following two buttons: Open and Refund.
    – if more than 15 minutes have passed by since you paid for the app, then the Refund button will be replaced with Uninstall.
  • Press the Refund button and you will then be asked to confirm that you wish to get your money refunded.
  • Press YES and then the application will be uninstalled and your money will be restored in full.

That is it, this is the main thing that you need to do in order to try and get a refund for a paid application from Google Play Store.

If the 15 minute time frame expires before you manage to press the REFUND button, then you should know that you can try to get your money back by contacting the app’s developer. Check the ‘Contact Developer’ section and press the ‘email developer’ link. Send him an email and the reason why you wish to uninstall his application and get a complete refund.

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