Best Android Games of The Week

Games of the week

Some other spherical of video video games were made on hand for Android customers international. On this publish you’ll in finding probably the most best possible free and paid Android video video games which you can run in your pill or smartphone.

The titles listed on this submit aren’t sorted in any specific order, so that you could come to a decision for your self which one is the perfect. Word that probably the most video video games listed beneath would require you to pay to be able to play, whereas others characteristic in-app purchases. Additionally, when you assume that there are different new Android video games that must have made the checklist, then that you would be able to inform us in feedback and we can add them to subsequent week’s publish.

Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas:

At last, the GTA San Andreas has been ported to Android, which means that you can begin to developing havoc across the metropolis to climb your manner up and take keep an eye on over the streets of San Andreas. The motion takes situation within the early ninety′s, Carl is the protagonist and one of the vital well-liked GTA online game persona.

At its time, GTA San Andreas used to be one of the vital greatest video video games launched in 2004. Now, after nearly 10 years which you could play it in your Android telephone and capsules. Discover San Andreas state and its three cities: San Fierro, Las Venturas and Los Santos. There are over seventy hours of gameplay options lots of missions, gangs and gangsters, sellers, stunning surroundings, song, corruption, violence, nice automobiles, helicopters, boats and extra.

Different options of GTA San Andreas for Android are as following: remastered images for higher cellular expertise, cloud shop fortify brought, twin analog stick keep an eye on for higher keep an eye on, Immersion tactile results, adjustable photo settings. This sport can also be totally appropriate with MoGa Wi-fi Recreation Controller and different USB / Bluetooth gamepads. The next languages are supported: English, Italian, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Eastern.

GTA San Andreas measures over 2.4GB in dimension, so it could be highest so that you can use a Wi-Fi connection after identifying to put in it. It really works with all Android and later gadgets. Data listed here for devices that can run San Andreas. It currently holds a 4.3 rating on Google Play Store.

Download and Install GTA San Andreas from Google Play Store here.
> the game costs $ 6.99.

GTA San Andreas for Android


The official Android video game based on RoboCop movie is now available and it is surprisingly great to play.  It is free, but you can use the ‘in-app purchase’ system to advance faster through the game missions.

RoboCop the Game is easy to play, it features a user-friendly in-game interface that allows you to point and shoot easily all the enemies that you encounter in your missions. In this game you will take the role of RoboCop, the ultimate law enforcer that everyone needs.

Install the game, launch it and the tutorial training will start right as the game launches and you will be thrown into battle. You can use drones to destroy robots and enemies, blow up cars that are posted in the near vicinity of those that are trying to kill you. The action takes place in 2028 in Detroit.

Download and Install RoboCop for Android from Google Play Store here.

RoboCop for Android

Final Fantasy VI:

The sixth installment of Final Fantasy is now available for Android. You can play as any of the main characters, create their own fate and complete the game easily. The original game was launched in 1994 first, go through tons of missions and stories that the entire Final Fantasy world has to offer.

Final Fantasy VI has been created by Square Enix, which has tons of experience when it comes to releasing RPG games. In order to play this game you will need to pay $ 15.99. It might sound way too much for an Android video game, but there are tons of fans and the community is pretty large since the first release of the original Final Fantasy.

Download and install Final Fantasy VI for Android from Google Play Store here.

Note that the Final Fantasy VI will not work if your device has the ART (Android RunTime) activated. So you should stick to Runtime Dalvik until the game will receive new updates.

Final Fantasy VI for Android


This is a small and simple game that you can easily become on of your favorite titles. Fukko is the main character in Mushboom and you need to survive in the city, eat as many mushrooms as possible and complete over one hundred missions. All missions are taking place in Fukko’s dreams.

Every day you will be taken to a different world, beat all your enemies, go past all challenges posed by the Mushboom AI while Fukko is sleeping. The game is free to play, it works with all Android devices that runs on Android 2.0.1 and later versions.

Download and install Mushboom by Mobile Craft from Google Play Store here.

Mushboom for Android


Great graphics put in an Android video game, play as the Angel of justice and defeat all the forces of evil that have taken over the world. It is a video game created by Black Tower Studio and Unity Games and it measures around 400MB video game, which is why you will need to use a WiFi connection.

The main features of Archangel are as following: gesture and touch based control system for a greater control and experience, you can destroy, freeze, cut, immolate and resurrect foes in order to fight against other enemies, there are 30 levels, more than one hundred different items that you can collect in order to improve your chances of finishing this game, unlock achievements, climb the Google Play Game Services leaderboards to become the best player of Archangel. The cloud-saving system allows you to play the game on all the Android devices you own.

Archangel can be played on all devices running Android 2.3.3 and later.

Download and install the game from Google Play Store here.
> for this game you will need to pay $ 1.99.

Archangel for Android

Imperium Galactica 2:

This game has been resurrected on Android from a popular PC game, it is real time stratefy title that features an entire SF universe, high-res textures, beautiful scenery, multiple species, empires, spy on your enemies, research, take part in epic battles, campaigns and tons of other cool features.

The game is supported in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Hungarian. Note that all movies are available in English only.

Download and install Imperium Galactica 2 from Google Play Store here.
> the game costs $ 3.99.

Imperium Galactica 2 works with all Android 2.3.3 and later editions. Also, it measures around 554MB, so you should use the WiFi connection in order to download the game.

Imperium Galactica 2 for Android

Blood Zombies HD:

If you feel like playing a game that only requires you to kill zombies as fast as you can, then the Blood Zombies title is the one for you to test. The action in his game takes place one hundred years after the humans won the Zombie war, since the zombies are now awaken from hibernation they have started to create havoc around the world once again.

In Blood Zombies you will find tons of guns, many game modes, different zombie characters, Boss missions and others more that you can discover only by playing the game.

Download Blood Zombies HD for free from Google Play Store here.
> this game works with all devices running Android 2.2 and later versions.

Blood Zombies HD for Android

Fractal Combat X:

This is a small flight-combat title that features great 3D graphics and an exciting gameplay for fighter planes lovers. You can choose from tons of missions, great soundtracks, you can play using either Arcade or Simulator controls, six different fractal landscapes are featured in the game and tons of other elements that should make it a great game for you to play on your Android device.

Fractal Combat X uses the Google Play Game Services, which means that you can unlock achievements and save game progress online for you to be able to play the game on other Android device too. Also, check the leaderboards in order to see where you’re standing when compared with other worldwide players of Fractal Combat X.

Download the game for free from Google Play Store here.

This games works with Android 4.0.3 and later devices.

Fractal Combat X

Choco Smash:

A small ‘brain & puzzle’-type of game that takes you to a strange chocolate universe where you will play as Charlie. He has to become the Chocolate Master, but by doing that you will need to help him get face-to-face with Chocolate Master’s Castle and battle him in the Chocolate Duel.

This is a small matching game that requires you to find three similar chocolates and destroy them in order to get points for that. Vertical, horizontal and diagonal moves are all allowed in Choco Smash. Face over 80 different levels and immerse yourself in a chocolate universe. You can use the in-app purchase system in order to advance faster through the game and get rid of all ads.

Download the Choco Smash free from Google Play here.

Download Choco Smash paid version from here.
> the paid version offers you unlimited lives.

Choco Smash for Android

Zombie Escape:

Zombie Escape is  runner-type of Android video game similar to Temple Run. Choose from being a boy or a girl and then go past all obstacles, jump, spin and dash your way through the game. In total there are four characters for you to choose from, three detailed environments, great 3D graphics and easy controls.

Download and install Zombie Escape from Google Play Store here.

This game is free to play, it works with all devices running Android 2.1 and later versions. It holds a 4.1 Play Store rating from over nine thousand voters.

Zombie Escape for Android

Ski Jump:

Ski Jump features 24 different ski resorts and jumps from K60 up to K320. You can choose to play in single player mode and multiplayer that allows to play against ten different players.

Ski Jump is easy to play as you simply need to tap once in order to start and when you approach the moment to jump you tap twice, the jump and fly time can be controlled using one finger, landing can be made by swiping over the screen with a second finger. There is a multiplayer mode that uses a hotseat-mode for you to battle against other 9 players.

Ski Jump for Android offers you the possibility to compete in the Ski Jumping World Cup, 4 Jumps Tournament aka 4 Hills Tournament in real life, qualifications. Other small features of this game are the customizable jumper suit colors, adjustable control sensitivity and dificulty level, etc.

Download and install Ski Jump free from Google Play Store here.

Use the Google Play Game Services to see where you’re ranked in Ski Jump worldwide leaderboard. Also, it has support for unlocking various achievements.

Ski Jump for Android

The Nut Job:

The Nut Job movie has reached theaters all around the world several days ago while the official app was launched last week. You will play as Surly who was thrown out of the park and left alone in the city. He will become the hero of the game, as he find the Nut Shop of Maury and you need to help him gather nuts for all the squirrels in order for these animals to get read for winter.

The Nut Job for Android video game features four different games such as the Whack-a-Rat, Acorn Scramble, Gone Nuts and Squirrel Bounce. Whack-a-Rat needs you to collect as many nuts as possible without whacking the good guys. In Squirrel Bounce you need to protect all nuts from getting into the gutter. Gone Nuts requires you yo match nuts and feed Buddy in order to create a high score. Acorn Scramble will have you slinging nuts at some leveled pipes.

Download The Nut Job for Android from here.
> the game costs $ 1.99.

The Nut Job for Android


The ’90s hit classic JezzBall has been ported to Android under the name of Fezball. It has been released by ‘ginik’ on the Google Play Store and now all Android users can enjoy playing the game that was once one of the most popular computer games.

For you to win at Fezball you will have to try and hold all ball in your playing zone, trap them in the smallest areas in order to win the levels. In order to finish a level you need to clear out over 70% of the level’s playing  field. The controls are easy to master and you will get addicted in no time.

The Fezball title offers you 3D graphics, better Bounce physics than the original JezzBall, Google Play Game Services support, achievements and multiple others. It is not free to play, as it will cost you a single dollar in order to install it.

Download Fezball for Android from Google Play Store here.
– Fezball works with all devices running Android 2.3 and newer versions.

Fezball for Android

These have been all of the perfect Android video video games that I had for you. Be aware that in case that you could bring to mind different titles that just lately launched and are price taking part in, then you could inform us in feedback.

Remember the fact that probably the most video games above aren’t supported by way of all Android gadgets, so that you will have to additionally learn the data listed on Google Play Retailer internet web page too earlier than determining to put in any of the titles listed above.

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