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Black Friday Deal: Samsung Galaxy S4 Now FREE on Amazon

Galaxy S4

We’ve already told you before about a Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Friday deal on Amazon, but now the price has decreased even more, so you can get the phone for free with a Verizon, AT&T or Sprint contract. This is the best Black Friday deal you can get and we really don’t expect its price to get even lower, as it’s basically free.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is probably the most powerful smartphone on the market, being also the Android best-seller and it’s one of our recommendations for this Black Friday. All three big carriers are offering the device for free this week, so this is the time to order it, if you’ve been looking for one.

The smartphone is also available unlocked, if you preferred not to get a contract, though the price is really high: $ 699.99 at Verizon, $ 679.99 at AT&T and $ 649.99 at Sprint.

If you want to order the Samsung Galaxy S4 from Amazon with an AT&T, Verizon or Sprint contract, then follow the links below:

Order Galaxy S4 from AT&T.

Order Galaxy S4 from Verizon.

Order Galaxy S4 from Sprint.

Unfortunately it’s unlocked price hasn’t gone any lower, but the price with a contract is really good and we expect it to increase after Black Friday, so if you really want this device, then head over and order it. Amazon also allows you to trade in your current smartphone and you can receive a Gift Card of up to $ 151.25. Shipping is also free, so you will only have to pay 1 cent upfront if you’re not going to trade in your current device.

In other news, Sprint has also waived the activation fee for new lines of service, which makes this deal even better.

Please let us know if you’re going to order the Galaxy S4 this Black Friday. We’re also curious if you’re planning to order any device. Let us know in the comments !

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