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How to: Upgrade Phones at Verizon and Keep Unlimited Data

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What’s the number one worry around these parts when it comes to upgrading to a new phone? Keeping unlimited data on Verizon, of course. Over the last couple of years, we have seen wireless carriers realize how important data is to their bottom lines and future earnings potential, which has in turn allowed them to start charging you a premium for every single GB you consume. With that realization and price hike, we also saw the death of unlimited data and the introduction of tiered or shared data plans that offer you less for a steeper price. Yes, you are now getting screwed by most carriers. They are finding ways to take away your unlimited data, while offering up services and phones that beg you to consume more, so that they can continue to nickel and dime you. It’s a terrible situation for consumers, but since you have chosen a carrier more than likely because they offer you superior coverage in your area, you are stuck taking it.

Thankfully, there are a few ways for you to work the system to continue to enjoy that unlimited data that you locked into years ago. We have a couple that we’d like to go over to, so that as you approach contract end dates, you’ll know the proper steps to take to not give up your freedom. 

Option 1:  Buy at Full Retail

If you’d like to keep unlimited data going forward on Verizon, all you need to do is continue to buy phones at full retail. This means paying $ 500-$ 650 for top tier 4G LTE Android phones, so that you don’t have to sign a contract. You see, as you sign contracts, that’s when Verizon has the power to take away your current unlimited data plan and force you into something you aren’t going to be satisfied with. If you buy at full retail, all you need to do is then slap your current SIM card into the new phone and continue to enjoy your current monthly plan. Since there is no upfront discount or contract signing, you get an expensive new phone on the same data plan you already had.

This is probably the least attractive option upfront for most consumers to choose, since it’s the most expensive, but we still feel that it’s your best overall. If you can force yourself to save up for phones and pay for them at full retail once your contract has run out, not only are you then keeping unlimited data, but you are also turning your account status to “month-to-month,” which means Verizon no longer has control over you. With a month-to-month account, you can walk away at any time without having to pay an ETF (early termination fee).

The best place to order phones at full retail from Verizon is through the Iconic Portal.

Possibility 2:  Steal Any other Line’s Improve

You probably have a couple of line in your Verizon account, one of the best ways to maintain limitless information is to steal or switch enhancements between strains after which use the newly bought telephones for your line with the limitless knowledge. Let me are trying to give an explanation for additional, as there are important points you don’t wish to omit.

If in case you have more than one strains on an account, Verizon will permit you to take improvements and switch them between strains so long as the switch goes from cellphone to telephone. For instance, my state of affairs looks as if this – three line account, two have limitless knowledge, with a 3rd setup as a function telephone that runs me $ 9.ninety nine per 30 days. Due to the fact that I preserve my telephones on a month-to-month standing for probably the most phase, I nearly all the time have an improve on hand on one in all my two limitless information strains. So must I wish to improve a kind of two limitless strains and maintain limitless knowledge, all I wish to do is switch my improve over to that function cellphone line and use the improve for a brand new smartphone.

There are a few methods to try this. The primary could be to stroll right into a retailer, inform a gross sales rep that you’ve an improve to make use of, however don’t need to lose limitless information. So you’re going to switch your improve to a special line, use the improve there, after which if truth be told use the telephone on a limiteless information line. They must be capable of stroll you in the course of the course of without a drawback, simply be certain when forms and signatures are flying round, that your limitless information line isn’t being touched. They’ll have so as to add, do away with, or tweak a knowledge bundle on the road that you’re technically the usage of the improve for, however once more, simply ensure that no modifications are going down to your limitless line. In case you are like me, and use a characteristic cellphone line for enhancements to maintain limitless knowledge, that you can all the time dispose of an information package deal and return that line to a function telephone line of $ 9.ninety nine per 30 days as soon as the whole course of is all sorted out and your new telephone is operating for your limitless line.


The 2d approach includes ordering a cellphone on-line from Verizon’s retailer. To start, you wish to switch an improve to a line that you simply don’t care that so much about (a function telephone or tiered knowledge line). That you would be able to switch enhancements within the dashboard via My Verizon. After getting the improve transferred to a non-limitless information line (is usually a characteristic cellphone line), you stroll in the course of the ordering course of with that line, purchase a telephone, and certain take care of some kind of smartphone information package deal add-on (seemingly 2GB for $ 30).

As soon as the cellphone arrives, some suggest that you just spark off it on that function telephone/different line quickly the use of the directions that arrive with the cellphone. Consider that this may increasingly additionally briefly spark off the up to now talked about smartphone knowledge bundle. After activating, you’re going to then wish to name customer support to get the characteristic cellphone positioned again within the device on that line as a $ 9.ninety nine characteristic cellphone. This may increasingly kill off the 2GB $ 30 smartphone plan you simply had on there and return your account to its earlier state. As soon as that has been achieved, clutch the SIM card out of your present telephone with limitless information and position it within the new smartphone that you simply want to use in your limitless line.

This may occasionally appear like quite a lot of work, and I’m now not a hundred% certain these further steps are wanted, however it’s a confirmed manner. Will have to you obtain your new telephone and spark off it straight away to your limitless knowledge line with out addressing the characteristic cellphone/different line, there’s a likelihood that Verizon will take that as you the use of a vast line as an improve, which might in flip wipe out your limitless knowledge. I in my view don’t suppose that’s that you can think of, when you consider that you might be most effective making modifications to your function telephone line and no longer your limitless line, but it surely’s higher to play it secure.

*Observe – You might be able to take away the smartphone plan in your characteristic cellphone line via your account at Verizon’s web site. Additionally, customer support can seem to be again thru your historical past to seek out the characteristic cellphone you’d like to make use of time and again, so there is not any wish to preserve that function telephone to hand.

Remember the fact that even though you switch your improve to some other line after which use the improve, you might be extending your contract on the road which the improve originated (may be your limitless line), now not the road you transferred the improve to.

That is almost definitely going to be probably the most often used, assuming you may have an account with a couple of line hooked up as a result of it’s the least dear.

Possibility three:  In finding an Superior VZW Retailer Supervisor

This may occasionally sound foolish, however there in point of fact are methods for managers to override techniques and return your account to limitless information after buying a brand new cellphone at a reduced value. I haven’t in my opinion long gone this route, however plenty of readers over the past 12 months have emailed in with their success tales from choose Verizon outlets and coping with staff who assist get authorization on limitless plans. I don’t have any shops to counsel going to to maintain these limitless plans, however I’m certain readers mean you can out within the feedback.

Choice four:  Signal-up for New Carrier, Cancel, and Pay the ETF

This remaining possibility for you will have to technically work, however it for sure feels like quite a few work and received’t prevent all that so much in any case. Must you make a selection to head this route, that is the way it might go down.

If you happen to signal-up a brand new line for your account and even totally new account altogether, it is advisable in idea purchase a telephone at a sponsored worth for say $ 199, then cancel the road or account, pay an ETF (early termination charge) of $ 350, and are available out rather decrease than a full retail priced telephone. Most high tier telephones run you $ 600 to $ 650 off-contract, however at $ 199 for the sponsored value plus $ 350 for an ETF, you’re looking at someplace round $ 550. And that’s assuming that Verizon doesn’t cost you up entrance for the primary month’s knowledge and minute package deal.

I do know limitless information is vital, however that every one feels like one huge headache. To maintain it easy and easy, retailer up some other $ a hundred and purchase the cellphone outright.


As I discussed at first, carriers are going to do no matter they are able to to get you out of your limitless information plan. With a bit of luck these couple of choices will lend a hand keep a few of you from being nickel and dimed with overpriced tiered knowledge choices. None of them are beautiful, and also you’ll almost certainly use the choice 2 loophole except Verizon closes it up, however you do nonetheless have choices.

Additionally, for those who efficiently upgraded lately and managed to maintain limitless knowledge, please share your story within the feedback.

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